IP - Surveillance

What is IP-Surveillance?

IP-Surveillance is a term for a security system that gives users the ability to monitor and record video and/or audio over an IP (Internet Protocol-based) computer network such as a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. In a simple IP-Surveillance system, this involves the use of a network camera, a network switch, a PC for viewing, managing and storing video, and video management software.

An IP-Surveillance or network video system

An IP-Surveillance or network video system with alarm integration

Because of the digital nature and method of video distribution, IP-Surveillance provides a host of benefits and advanced functionalities that gives you greater control and management of live and recorded video, as well as alarm events. This makes the system highly suited to security surveillance applications.

Application of IP Surveillances can as follows :

Transportation : including public transport, airports
Retail : Including restaurants, franchise operations
Education :Including Universities, colleges
Industrial : Manufacturing and construction companies
Banking : including insurance companies
Health care : Hospitals