Network Security

We provide Integrated Network Security Solutions which include :

  • Threat Defense Solution
  • Trust and Identitiy Management Solution
  • Secure Connectivity Solution

  • Threat Defense minimizes the impact of threats by providing infrastructure security that patrols the edge, protects the interior, and guards the endpoints of the networks.

    The threat defense is designed in layers of defense. The first layer of defense is intrusion prevention, which keeps intrusions out. Intrusion detection is the next layer of defense as it identifies when an intrusion is occurring or has occurred.The third layer of defense is response, which takes action to defend against intrusion when detected; threat defense solution is made up of three key types, including Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, known as IPS, and Content Security. Our Content Security Edition integrates antivirus and malware technology to stop virtually all threats

    Trust and Identity Management solutions identify users and controls what they are permitted to do on the network. Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) and Network Admission Control (NAC) provide the foundation of this system