Gamatronic Modular UPS

Techser has tied up with Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd. from Israel. . Gamatronic is the world pioneers in Modular UPS technology. Gamatronic products have found acceptance all over the world with installations in 80 countries including India over the last two decades.

Key Features of Modular UPS are:

  • Future growth capability – with minimum additional cost and handling
  • Vertical & horizontal redundancy N+1
  • Extra small Density
  • High Reliability due to Modular/redundant design
  • Electrical Savings due to substantial decrease of power consumption

Three Phase Modular UPS Systems

Centric 25 to 200 kva – Scalable Hot Swap Modular UPS

  • Available in three Cabinets – 50 kva, 100 kva & 200 kva
  • Consisting of 25 kva/kw modules
  • Advance LCD touch screen display

Power Plus Premium – 10 to 100 kva Unity Power UPS

  • Consisting of 10 kva/kw modules
  • Advanced colourful LCD touch screen display