Online UPS TMP Series

TMP Series is a robust classical design on True double conversion with true Galvanic Isolation. It is state of the art IGBT technology taking input from 3Phase power and providing clean single phase output. TMP series above 20 KVA can be three phase input and three phse output. This unique design combines the robustness of traditional design with latest features such as EMI/RFI filters and SNMP compatibility.

Salient Features – Online UPS TMP Series

  • Micro- Controller Design.
  • Three Phase in – Single Phase out
  • High Frequency Switching Double Conversion PWM IGBT Technology with Built-in Galvanic Isolation.
  • Pure Sine wave Output Less than 3% THD.
  • Generator Compatibility.
  • LCD with control panel.
  • EMI/FI Noise Filter.
  • Advanced Communication-RS232, SNMP Compatibility Monitoring Software.